Speakers 2016


Mirjana Kolarov, Serbia

Mirjana Kolarov is Test Department Manager at Levi9 IT Services. She is passionate and highly motivated software tester with a M.Sc.C.E. degree. For more than 7 years she loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing, and enjoys leads by example, promoting appropriate and deliberates testing skills and techniques. Mirjana is a contributor to NS IT Girls, organization with the main focus to motivate women to start their careers in IT and co-founder of Test’RS Club – the first testing community in Serbia.

Closing keynote: Reaching symbiosis of Exploratory and Automation Testing

In Agile things are going very fast. We cannot achieve good testing with only manual testing. We need test automation to speed us up, and to cover the regression testing. UI testing is not the only thing to be automated, due to the constant changes. API should be also covered with tests. Even with this coverage, can we rely on the test automation only? No. This is where exploratory testing comes into spotlight – to find defects which are not covered with automation.


BenSimo-001Ben Simo, USA

Amphibious time-traveling context-driven cyborg software tester.


Since accidentally stepping into testing over a quarter century ago, Ben Simo has learned and applied his skills as a software investigator for companies large and small; spanning a variety of industries, including: defense, healthcare, finance, education, cloud computing, and marketing. Ben practices software testing as a context-dependent often-complex cognitive activity that requires critical thinking, effective communication, and rapid self-directed learning. Ben currently works as a Principal Quality Engineer for Salesforce.

Opening keynote: Putting Context First

Software development is a process of solving complex human problems with brainless machines that require explicit instruction. The people, problems, and solutions vary greatly. This diversity demands disparate testing practices customized for the circumstances that frame each situation. Context-Driven Testing is an approach to software testing in which the tester looks to context first; and then determines appropriate objectives, activities, tools, and deliverables that are appropriate within context. Ben Simo has practiced this approach in a variety of contexts. In this talk, Ben will talk about his experience putting context-driven principles into practice within a variety of contexts. Learn to put context first.

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