Exploratory testing session with Adina Moldovan on Testival 2018

Keynote session on Testival 2018 will be a  little bit different then usual, eg. it will not be an usual ex cathedra lecture, but an interactive session where, this year host, one of the

Adina Moldovan

On Testival 2018 Adina will host an interactive keynote session on exploratory testing

most influential European young testing stars, will be speaking and working with us on exploratory testing. We’ll plan, test, make notes, plan more, and expose information in an approachable way without necessarily using formal test cases.

Adina is known for her work with the Test Lab, traveling around conferences, dressing up in a lab coat and driving people through all sorts of testing efforts and exercises. She’s part of the Romanian testing community, Tabara de Testare (en. The Testing Camp), as a facilitator and attendee.

She is skilled in exploratory testing, practices test scripting every time she finds it valuable, and her focus at the moment is becoming better at communication. She’s a strong believer of learning by doing and invites us to an interactive session of testing in an exploratory approach.

She encourages us to read literature about exploratory testing and ways to structure it, like Mind Mapping or Session Based Test Management. In the session we’ll combine more elements, also depending on where our testing will lead us. Not only the testing, but also the session itself will have an exploratory structure, depending on what you are most curious to find out and practice.

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