Viaqa 11 in Media

Our media sponsors wrote a few articles about the conference (in Croatian): Viaqa – konferencija o testiranju softvera 14. i 15. lipnja Viaqa započela predavanjem Vibora Cipana o formama Tolf Tolfsen: Sljedeći veliki korak – izrada Opera browsera za TV viaqa 11 – konferencija o testiranju softvera Održana viaqa – 11. konferencija o […]

Continue reading is media sponsor of viaqa 11. is Croatian IT news and job portal. Among many topics primarily writes about startups, programming, web, conferences and all other topis related to local and global IT and web.

Continue reading portal (računalo is computer in Croatian) is media sponsor of viaqa 11. They were a sponsor last year too. is indepentent ICT news portal following the newest events in computers, communications, multimedia and business. It is founded in 1997 following the model of the first Croatian ICT radio show Radio Računalo (meaning Radio […]

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