William Bello: ITIL and Testing

William Bello

About the Talk (slides)

‘How can you improve if you don’t measure?’ – it is heard more and more this days. Running ICT in efficient way requires well designed service processes and supporting organization. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is not an option. It takes both – money and time. What is the best practice when we speak about IT Service Management. Worldwide industry recognize it within IT Service Management Forum or better known within „IT Infrastructure Library“, ITIL for short.

What is ITIL? How it is related with Good Testing Practice? What Service Management processes support testing and validation activities? This are only a few questions that will be answered during this presentation.

About the Speaker

William Bello, achieved B. Sc. of Applied Mathematics Science at University of Zagreb 1981, run IT department at Pliva as member of the Board of directors, designed information system for INA-OKI, 1993 founded IT networking company, run Network Managed Services operations center and today is senior business consultant specialized for IT service management process implementation and optimization. Has broad knowledge of business process IT service requirements and IT technology.



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