There are no sponsored talks. Some speakers work for companies that sponsor viaqa, but their talk was selected because of quality, not because their company is a sponsor.

Almost all talks have 10 minutes for discussion at the end (except lightning talks and round table talks).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 9am – 6pm

All talks on Tuesday are in Croatian, except Andreas Tolf Tolfsen’s talk (in English).

7:30-9am: Registration.

9-9:15am: Davor Banović – A few words from the conference founder.

9:15-9:55am: Vibor Cipan – Best Design Practices for Forms – an Usability and UX Perspective (slides)

10:15-11:05am: Andreas Tolf Tolfsen – Automated Testing at Opera (slides)

11:10-12:00am: Vlatko Košturjak – Application Security Testing (slides)

12–1pm: Lunch.

1-3pm: Round Table – Importance of Quality (Systems) for the IT Profession (slides)

1-1:50pm: prof. dr. sc. Zdravko Krakar – Quality and Maturity of the IT Profession, and Different IT Views (IT as Practice; IT in Business Systems; IT in Croatia) (slides)

1:55-2:25pm: doc. dr. sc. Melita Kozina – SPI (Software Process Improvement) in Software Development Process (slides)

2:25-2:45pm: doc. dr. sc. Valentina Kirinić – Software Product Quality and Evaluation Standards (slides)

2:55-3:15pm: mr. sc. Nadica Hrgarek – Software Verification and Validation Best Practices (slides)

3:25-3:50pm: William Bello: ITIL and Testing (slides)

3:55-4:30pm: Mirna Vlainić – Organizational and Development Process Changes with Introduction of Software Testing Department (slides)

4:50-5:25pm: Miroslav Zaninović: Test Management in Complex Environments (slides)

5:35-5:50pm: Angelina Gavran – Automated Functional Testing of Ericsson Mobile Health (EMH) Client Web Application (slides)

6-6:30pm: We have to leave the venue.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 9am – 6pm: Watir day

All talks on Wednesday are in English.

7:30-9am: Registration.

9-9:15am: A few words from the organizers.

9:15am–12pm: Watir workshop.

– Željko Filipin: Introduction to Watir. (slides)

– Install Ruby, RubyGems and Watir.

– Hands on exercises:

— Simple Watir Exercise

— Using a framework

— Using methods

– Bret Pettichord: Watir at Convio (slides)

12–1pm: Lunch.

1–6pm: Watir workshop.

– Bret Pettichord: Page Objects (slides)

6-6:30pm: We have to leave the venue.

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