Vibor Cipan: Best Design Practices for Forms – an Usability and UX Perspective

Vibor Cipan

About the Talk

Forms are still one of the main user interface paradigms used today. They are most prominent on the web and lately with mobile devices. However, many desktop-based apps still rely heavily on forms.

In this presentation I will go through best practices for forms experience from the perspective of usability testing, customer support, e-commerce and overall user experience.

This is going to be highly practical presentation with brief introduction followed by numerous best forms design practices.

About the Speaker (from

Skilled UX design and development professional with strong development and project management background. Top notch professional and experienced with Expression Studio (Blend, Web, Design, Encoder & Media) tools and technologies like WPF and Silverlight.

Highly skilled and experienced building and designing Windows Phone applications. Supporting partner for the official phone launch in 2010.

Passionate about all things user experience, usability, rapid and hi-fi prototyping and information architecture. Especially skilled with analytics and SEO (thanks to physics / science background).

Active blogger and speaker.

Book author – first book about building great UI and UX for Silverlight. Title: Silverlight 4 User Interface Cookbook (PACKT Publishing, Aug 2010)


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