June 4th 2010.


Address: Trg Ljudevita Gaja 6, Osijek

Building of “Tehnologijsko Razvojni Centar” (TERA). Please see location here

8.30 – Check in

9.00 – 09.10. – Welcome note

9.15 – 12.30 – Presentations

Stanislav Stresnjak, SIEMENS

  • Challenges of integration testing in convergent era

  • Today, you need only your mobile phone and you can watch media, shop, determine your position and nearby, well whatever you need nearby – shop, hotel, restaurant, pharmacy, besides just talking and messaging, as not so many years ago. Integration testing became much more challenging, especially taking into consideration that, pushed by the competition, time-to-market is shrinking all the time.

    Marko Dugonjic,

  • Test your interface now!

  • First three users will discover 80% of problems on your UI and ease your dilemmas about next moves in UI development of your web site or application. Any test is better than no testing, so test early and test often.

    Tihomir Kit,

  • Open source software test automation tools

  • Software testing automation is becoming more and more important in everyday software testing. Bringup tests of daily builds, performance testing, regression testing… The market of software testing tools is huge. Pretty important part of this market goes to FLOSS tools. jMeter, Watir, Selenium, SoapUI, SAFS…

    12.30. – 13.30. – Lunch break

    13.30. – 14.00. – Business event

    Personal ized b2b event.

    14.00. – 18.00. – Workshops

    Zeljko Filipin, Watir community manager

  • Automating web tests with Watir

  • Watir (pronounced water) stands for “Web Application Testing in Ruby”. Watir is an open-source library for automating web browsers. It is implemented in Ruby (Watir), .NET (Watin), Java (Watij) and Perl (Win32-Watir). Watir works on Windows, Linux and Mac. It can drive Internet Explorer (Windows), Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux), Safari (Mac) and Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux). Watir drives browsers the same way people do. It clicks links, enters texts in text fields, check address, title and text of the page that is displayed in browser… In my presentation I will show you how to drive a browser with Watir and create a small script. Be prepared for a lot of live coding.

    Tomislav Tipurić, Visual Studio Product Manager, Microsoft Croatia

  • Visual Studio 2010 testing tools

  • You’ve probably heard about Visual Studio. It is and IDE from Microsoft, not a testing tool… But, newest set of tools in Visual Studio turns Visual Studio into stunning test environment. It let’s you create automated test for your application UI, it supports manual testing, testcase management….

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