Business event

ViaQA 10 Business Event is organized in partnership with Technology development center and Enterprise Europe Network

Here you can find description of services and products by companies that will attend ViaQA business event. You can:

Request a meeting with some of the companies


Apply for the event and submit your service or product to present on the event.

Company Service/product Request Meeting
UPI, Udruga za promicanje Interneta Automated testing with Watir request a meeting
Informatika 2000 Web-based application for accounting menagment request a meeting
Escapestudio Content publishing, GUI design, UX, interface design request a meeting
Informatika Fortuno d.o.o. Web CMS solution – FortunoCMS request a meeting
Informatika Fortuno d.o.o. ERP Solution request a meeting
Pet Minuta d.o.o. Being a software vendor in the era of convergent technologies and increased market demands is a tough job. Looking for testers who can not only find bugs for you but also provide you with quality related information about application and its intended use? We all know those information are not numbers on the spreadsheet but information that add value to your project. Please consider our following quality assurance and testing services: acceptance testing, usability testing, integration testing, software testing automation… More info on our website

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