Angelina Gavran – Automated Functional Testing of Ericsson Mobile Health (EMH) Client Web Application

About the Talk (slides)

Functional Testing is the process by which expected behavior of an application can be tested. Implementing functional test for your application early in the software development cycle speeds up development, improves quality and reduces risks towards the end of the cycle.

Most software undergo changes over a period of time. These changes may occur during the course of a single release, or across multiple releases. Any change to the software increases the chance of errors or bugs being introduced that breaks existing functionality. So we must test the software to ensure known existing behavior or functionality is not broken.

Writing web application tests by hand without tool support is exhausting and almost impossible at lager scale. Automating this task is both challenging, but when done right, very awarding. To test the Ericsson Mobile Health user interface we used Selenium, by which we create automatic tests and so ensure a quick and complete testing.

In this talk I want to present how we automated testing of EMH user interface, introduce the used tools, potential problems with automated testing and their possible solutions and show the benefits and goals achieved by this type of testing.

About the Speaker

Angelina Gavran is a fifth year student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. She has participated in the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Summer Camp 2010 on projectEMH application testing. Since then she has worked on automatedtesting of the EMH user interface. She has been working for a year in T-HT company in Network Managementand Customer Service departmenton network Monitoring, detecting and removing failures. She is currently working on her graduation thesis, Stress testing of EMH application, in Ericsson Nikola Tesla Company.

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