Andreas Tolf Tolfsen: Browser Automation – or Why Humans Shouldn’t Do a Machine’s Job

Andreas Tolf Tolfsen

About the Talk

Watir makes automated testing of web applications easy and accessible for everyone. OperaWatir is new to the Watir family of testing toolkits, and finally brings automated testing to any device.

I will be giving an introduction to the browser automation scene, what lies ahead, and give practical examples of how we at Opera have turned things upside-down: Instead of using the browser for testing web applications, we use web pages to test the browser itself.

The talk will give you a broad introduction to as to why emulating actual user behaviour is quintessential to the success of your testing, and how automating browsers will increase the reliability of your tests.

About the Speaker

Andreas Tolf Tolfsen does browser automation at Opera Software, where he is a contributor on the OperaWatir and OperaDriver projects. He has a background as a browser tester and web developer, and has previously given talks on browser automation with WebDriver and Watir at various conferences in San Francisco and Oslo. He holds a BA in Musicology from the University of Oslo.


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